The Future Of Corporate Entertainment: Hybrid Events

//The Future Of Corporate Entertainment: Hybrid Events

The Future Of Corporate Entertainment: Hybrid Events

Written by Colin Cloud

Hybrid entertainment is the future of all entertainment.

Plain and simple.

A few years ago we all believed our only option for interactive entertainment, never mind interactive mentalism, was to be there in the same room as the performer. Now, we know otherwise.

2020 forced us to adapt and get creative. Thankfully as problem solvers by trade, this was a challenge that became more and more fun to tackle for mentalists like me. The shift to virtual mind reading has been an ultimately fun process – let’s face it, I’ve gotten to play shows to people I would potentially never have met other wise, in countries I’ve never been to and even one show that made it’s way into space. But the truth is, this is only one small step for man (#InstantCallBack), it’s really just preparing us for where we’re going to end up … Hybrid Mentalism.

There’s no doubt that the virtual mind reading shows I’ve been performing have been an absolute delight, however the one thing they inevitably lack is the human connection. Don’t get me wrong. They definitely bring people together at a time when we have felt so far apart from one another. But truth-be-told, we can’t wait to be in the same room as each other again!

What Are Hybrid Events?

And that is where hybrid shows will come in. A hybrid show will be the best of all worlds. It will have an in person component for an audience of any size and it will also be broadcast live all around the world for the audience who can’t be there, or who maybe don’t feel comfortable quite yet being in the same room in big crowds. Thus combining the convenience and scale of virtual zoom entertainment we’ve been developing over the past year, with the excitement and connection of in-person event entertainment.

My hybrid show that I’ve already written and planned will have the perfect balance of remarkable feats in the room that everyone can enjoy, as well as clever ways of incorporating those watching via their web camera from the comfort of their own pajamas.

How Do Hybrid Mentalism Shows Work?

How will it work? Well, this comes down to the AV team on the ground, in the venue having the appropriate systems in place to capture the show perfectly. We recommend a three camera shoot minimum (wide show, close up show and a camera to capture the audience reaction). It will be equally important to broadcast the virtual audience on the screen so that everyone can feel as included in the event as possible. I’ll be there on the day with my show director, someone who knows exactly what the show entails and they will ensure that your AV crew are televising every detail flawlessly.

Again, much like this past year, it’s going to be a new and exciting opportunity to further advance entertainment with technology via virtual and hybrid event entertainment.

Not only can we not wait to share with you the exciting ways we’re devising to compliment your event, we’re even more excited to get back on stage live, in person and blow your audience’s minds in ways they’ve never experienced before.

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