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Want to make your boss disappear?

Our DIY Magic options make your company’s executive into a star. We’ll design the illusions, your exec will do the tricks. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and your team performs. Make the boss appear (or disappear) on stage, have the executive turn a product into a stack of cash, and more. The options are endless and can be custom designed for each specific client. Over the years we’ve taught well known CEO’s, such as Bill Gates, in addition to hundreds of other executives to be the stars of their own conferences. In fact, there isn’t an industry that we haven’t designed illusions for.

This completely unique concept in corporate presentations is as entertaining as it is effective. Don’t worry, the tricks are simple and will not take up a lot of the executive’s time. Give us a few minutes and we’ll turn your team into astonishing, magical presenters. We’ll do all the heavy lifting in making the trick happen, and your exec will get all the applause. There really is no better way to connect your audience to the top boss, or to have him/her be seen in a new, entertaining, humanized way!

Here are a couple examples of “DIY Magic” that we’ve done:

These are just two of many examples we’ve done, and the possibilities are endless. Each “DIY Magic” performance is specifically tailored for your executive and theme. All we need is a few minutes of your time to learn about your event details, then we can start creating a meaningful, yet easy to execute trick for your executive to perform.