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The Mysterious Death of Harry Houdini

Mar 12 2019|

It’s almost impossible to overstate how famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini was. He died almost 100 years ago, and he is still the most famous magician who ever lived. One of the reasons why his fame has endured for over a century is the boost he received from the 1953 movie, Houdini, in which Tony Curtis played the [...]

Bill Herz’s Top 5 Favorite Magic Performances

Feb 26 2019|

I've had the privilege of performing for literally thousands of corporations over the years and I always love performing for those groups, but I've been asked over and over if I have any favorite non-corporate shows or groups that I've performed for, so here's a short list of my 5 favorites (so far). 1. An old Hollywood A-List Dinner - [...]

David Copperfield: The Most Successful Magician of All Time

Feb 11 2019|

The question often arises, who is the greatest magician of all time. Like all subjective questions, it’s difficult to answer. But if you amend the question to, who is the most successful magician of all time? Then the question becomes very easy to answer. No doubt about it is David Copperfield. Hailing from Metuchen, New Jersey, at age 12, David [...]

The Five Most Iconic Magic Tricks of All Time

Feb 4 2019|

Magic has a long, glorious history, and like any art form, it has its classics. The classic tricks in magic go back hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years and each has an interesting story behind it. How about a guided tour of the top five magic classics of all time? If I were to ask you to picture a magician in [...]

Unexpected Magic Series: Part 1, The Therapeutic Benefits of Learning Magic

Jan 22 2019|

Magic and Illusion are wonderful forms of entertainment.  But several wonderful people use magic in a much more powerful ways, ways that actually have changed people’s lives.  In the coming months, we plan to share some unique ways that magic has been used.  I believe there is no better place to start than with my friend, Kevin Spencer, who started [...]

Travel Scam Series: Avoiding Credit Card Fraud at Hotels

Dec 22 2018|

This travel scam happened to a friend of mine.  After doing a little research I found out that this has become a pretty popular way to catch you off guard while travelling abroad, especially if you're checking into a hotel room late at night! My friend, David Johnson checked into his hotel around midnight after a long overseas flight.  When he got [...]

Magic as a Communication Tool- Highlight #1: Security Threat Lesson

Nov 26 2018|

Magic is not only great entertainment, it's also a wonderful communications tool. As we plan tricks and shows for our clients, we are often presented with a business problem or some other point that a company wants to convey but that they might have trouble communicating to a certain audience. Here’s a perfect example to help show how magic can help [...]