The Transition To Hybrid Magic Shows

//The Transition To Hybrid Magic Shows

The Transition To Hybrid Magic Shows

Written by: Alex Boyce

If you’re faced with the task of engaging clients or staff (or both) in a hybrid meeting, you know that there is so much to consider. How can you fully celebrate everyone who is able to be in the room without explicitly (or implicitly) leaving those virtual guests out? How can you make those on-screen lean forward instead of lean back and turn their camera off?

As company meetings and events are given the option to be conducted in a hybrid format, I’ve been brainstorming on how my hybrid magic show can be the solution to those big questions. CBS Sunday Morning recently featured a classroom teacher who has faced a hybrid classroom made up of students both in the room as well as on screen. He dubbed these groups “roomies” and “zoomies.” I realized that many of the challenges faced by the school teacher in the hybrid environment are also true of performers for hybrid corporate events.

To prepare for hybrid magic shows, I’ve re-tooled my repertoire to involve both the “roomies” and the “zoomies”, had meetings with tech gurus to take advantage of all the tech possibilities, and listened to previous clients about their goals and needs as they begin to plan their future hybrid meetings.

I’ve spent much of the last year performing virtual magic shows, taking what I’ve learned from performing at live corporate events and translated that to engaging and memorable Zoom entertainment. The magic I perform has been an opportunity to capture the attention of guests by focusing on interaction. I’m determined to bring that same level of interaction to hybrid shows, as well!

For example, one surprise that I’ve been preparing for hybrid events is a psychological illusion in which the virtual guests get in on the fun and actually help create the magic for the guests gathered in the room.

The hybrid magic show helps event planners solve some of the big questions they’re facing right now, so they can focus on all of the many other things they need to do in order to prepare for the hybrid event!

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