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Few things bring people together like magic. Whether you’re looking to draw people towards your trade show booth, hoping to impress at a client dinner, or facilitating employee team-building, it’s incredible how effective magic can be.

In order to make the most of every event, we custom-tailor the performances for each of our clients. Depending on factors like the purpose of the event, the audience size and age, venue, and budget, we will find the perfect performer for your event, because one size does not fit all.

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping corporate event planners as well as entertainment and production agencies to create the best events possible for their companies or clients. And, while we work with magicians all over the country, there are so many performers and events in New York that we often have even more options for companies looking for magicians in NYC.

Common Events:

  • -Award banquets
  • -After dinner entertainment
  • -Trade shows
  • -Team building events
  • -Meeting hosts/emcees
  • -Incentive reveals
  • -Keynote speeches
  • -Recurring or ongoing themed events

Just like every event is different, every type of magical performance is different. Depending on your event and audience, the type of magic will differ.

Performer Types:

  • -Close-up sleight of hand magic
  • -Comedy magic
  • -Large illusions & silent acts
  • -Mind Reading
  • -Unusual Oddities

Although we have many exclusive performers on our roster, we work with a lot of other great performers around the world and our only goal is to ensure the perfect performer for your event. We can’t wait to work with you. All we need is a quick email or a five minute call to learn about your event, the size, theme, audience demographics and we’ll take it from there!