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Everyone loves magic, and we believe everyone can do a little magic. We love helping to spread the fun and excitement of magic, so we asked our talented magicians to create some videos teaching simple magic tricks. Learn some of these basic tricks, and fool your friends!

6 Questions To Ask When Booking a Virtual Magic Show

Here is the scenario - your team met and decided that it’s time to plan a fun event to reward your employees.  After discussing options like online karaoke (too embarrassing), online standup comedy (too possibly offensive), and online murder mystery (too [...]

The Transition To Hybrid Magic Shows

Written by: Alex Boyce If you’re faced with the task of engaging clients or staff (or both) in a hybrid meeting, you know that there is so much to consider. How can you fully celebrate everyone who is able to be [...]

How The Pandemic Has Affected One Young Magician

Written by: Alexander Boyce As a magician who specializes in entertaining groups at corporate events, I never even considered performing virtually before 2020. Over the previous few years, I spent my time creating memorable moments like making money disappear out of [...]

What Is The Future Of Trade Shows?

As virtual trade shows make way for hybrid events this summer, we are sure to see some changes on the trade show floor. While we of course can't be 100% certain of what these events will look like as we continue [...]

Performer Spotlight: The Evasons

This Performer Spotlight is all about the amazing mentalism and mind-reading duo, The Evasons. Get to know Jeff and Tessa, and why they’re so great for corporate events! How did you get into magic? Jeff: As a young boy I was [...]

Performer Spotlight: Ben Seidman

As a magician, it can sometimes be a little tricky (and fun) to answer the question, "So, what do you do for a living?". We polled some of our performers to see how they usually answer this question, and we love [...]

Hat Over Drink Trick

This simple "trick" from Bill Herz is sure to win you a free drink from one of your friends. All you need is a hat, and a friend to make a friendly bar bet [...]

Sugar Packets Trick

Next time you get to a restaurant before your friends, set up this simple trick from Bill Herz to fool them when they get there! All you need are some sugar packets and a [...]

Coffee Holder Optical Illusion

This simple trick by Bill Herz is made possible by an optical illusion. All you need is two cardboard coffee cup holders, and a friend to fool!