Performer Spotlight: Ben Seidman

//Performer Spotlight: Ben Seidman

Performer Spotlight: Ben Seidman

As a magician, it can sometimes be a little tricky (and fun) to answer the question, “So, what do you do for a living?”. We polled some of our performers to see how they usually answer this question, and we love this response from the talented Ben Seidman. Take a look below at this spotlight of Ben’s magic (and personality) in the spotlight below!

Magicorp: “So, what do you do for a living?”

Ben Seidman: “I’m a pickpocket.”

This isn’t the ideal first impression. Especially when small talk is the goal. I’m answering their question honestly, just omitting a few details. Not explaining further leads to my new friend patting down their pockets while nervously laughing. They always touch their front pockets first followed by the back ones. Like they’re doing the Macarena.

The longer answer is that I’m a comedian who specializes in deception, pickpocketing, magic tricks, and psychological illusion. I perform an average of 200 shows a year at events all over the world. Oh, and anything I steal, I always return. But come on… If someone at the airport says “what do you do for a living” it’s really fun to omit those additional details. A great follow up is: “that’s a lovely ring you are wearing.”

When I perform at events my goal is to destroy the room. To leave everyone laughing and so completely baffled they cannot wrap their minds around what they’ve seen. Two of the most amazing pickpocketing steals are the removal of a man’s tie and belt without him feeling. Yes, if the conditions are right, this can be done. So really, when a stranger asks: “what do you do for a living?” I could just say: “I undress businessmen in front of their colleagues.” Should I get better at small talk?

I know small talk has its place, but if you’re a complete stranger, don’t ask what I do for a living or if I’m enjoying the weather. Ask me how I’m coping with my own looming mortality of or I think bees have emotional intelligence. That’s good conversation! (side note if you run into me, feel free to insert your own non-weather-related question here. I’m still on the fence about bees).

Yes, I do understand that traveling the world picking pockets and doing magic tricks is pretty unique. And I’m happy to tell you more about me. I can do that. But I also want to know about you. So if you approach me, open with something strange, and eventually I may get around to telling you how to rob someone blind without them knowing.

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