Magic as a Communication Tool- Highlight #1: Security Threat Lesson

//Magic as a Communication Tool- Highlight #1: Security Threat Lesson

Magic as a Communication Tool- Highlight #1: Security Threat Lesson

Magic is not only great entertainment, it’s also a wonderful communications tool. As we plan tricks and shows for our clients, we are often presented with a business problem or some other point that a company wants to convey but that they might have trouble communicating to a certain audience. Here’s a perfect example to help show how magic can help you get your business’ point across:

Recently, a well-known computer security company came to us and told us their objective was to make their audience realize you are never safe and you should always be on guard for potential security threats. They had a new product to introduce to an audience of 300 members of the press. Just the type of challenge that we love. Our team sat down and brainstormed and came up with a solution that worked wonders.

When the press arrived, at the entrance to the theater, two preppy men greeted them wearing white Polo shirts with the name “Toyota” on them. While greeting each guest, one of the men explained that the computer security company us was running a joint promotion with Toyota and Visa, and there was a contest today to give away a new car at the meeting. It was the company’s way of thanking them for coming, and to be eligible all they needed was a Visa Card. Of course, everyone wanted in.

The men explained that there was going to be a drawing for the winner, and all they had to do was seal their card in an envelope that we gave them, and to write the last three numbers of their card in large letters on the envelope. Then, if they call your number you win!

The only other thing they had to do was sign a release that said if they won they were responsible for any taxes associated with the car.

When the meeting started, everyone who had an envelope was asked to hold it in the air. Over 250 people held their envelopes up. The host instructed everyone to take their credit cards out of their envelopes. Suddenly, the room came alive, for when each person took out their credit card, in its place was a plastic card with the words, “Thought you were safe?”. Everyone’s credit card was gone. A large display was then brought on stage, holding each person’s credit card.  But before they were returned, the host told everyone to take out the copy of the release they signed.  Everyone was told to read it, and remember that their signature was on it.

Suddenly there were howls of laughter as the release said something completely different now, but still had their signature on it.

The cards were returned and the two reps who were wearing Toyota shirts were introduced as professional magicians who switched out their cards and the releases that they signed.

The host pointed out that just because they were wearing Toyota shirts, the majority of people automatically trusted them. He then went on to point out that without their new product, people would be falling for much more blatant scams. They then went on to demonstrate their new software.

The meeting was a smashing success and not only did the product get great reviews, but the actual meeting was written up in numerous trade journals. Interested in using magic like this to help your business make a point? Give us a call today!

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