3 Tips for Introducing Your Event’s Performer

//3 Tips for Introducing Your Event’s Performer

3 Tips for Introducing Your Event’s Performer

Perhaps the most neglected part of an evening’s entertainment is the introduction of your entertainer. However, that’s one detail that shouldn’t be overlooked! It sets the mood for what’s to come for the rest of the night. While it should not be a long introduction, it should be prepared.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of this introduction, and avoid some common pitfalls we often see!

  1. Keep it short and aim for a laugh: Try to think of something brief to say that also lends itself easily to making the audience laugh. This sets the tone for the performance, and make it a smooth transition into the show for both the audience as well as the performer. For example, my personal introduction is three sentences: “Please welcome the world’s greatest magician….in his price range…Bill Herz.”
  1. Ask the entertainer for a written introduction: Every entertainer I know has horror stories of how they’ve had redirect the audience’s attention after little or no introduction … or even worse, a bad introduction.  I strongly suggest that you ask the entertainer for a written introduction.  That way, you’re off the hook for thinking of the right thing to say, and the performer isn’t thrown off if your intro isn’t what he/she expected.
  2. If they do provide an introduction, read it exactly!: I always ask the host introducing me to read exactly from the card I give them, and not to change the wording. If that’s what your performer prefers, it’s best for everyone if you oblige! For example, I’ve had plenty of hosts who, after looking at the intro I provided, say that they “get it but are going to put their own spin on it.”  In thirty years of performing, I can’t remember when their “spin” got a better laugh than what was written.  In fact, I recently had an executive introduce me with his spin, by saying, ” And now it’s time for the best magician….and he isn’t expensive….Bill Herz.”   Not exactly a crowd-pleaser!

While not the world, when someone messes up a line or two in the introduction, it makes it more challenging for the entertainer to get the ball rolling. That’s why following these tips can help you and the performer start the night off on the right foot.

For your entertainment, here are a few more horror stories we’ve heard throughout the years of introductions gone wrong:

  • “A moment of silence for our dear employee who passed away recently,..”and now for your entertainment pleasure….”
  • The employees of two merging companies were having a welcome dinner, meeting each other for the first time.  Right before the introduction, the executive said “and tomorrow morning we’ll find out which of you still have a job, and now for….enjoy the magician.”
  • Almost as bad as these is having no introduction at all. Many times we’ve all had the host get up, deliver some housekeeping notes to the audience, and then look off stage at the entertainer and say “go.”

While not a problem akin to world hunger, a little attention to the introduction can start your entertainment program off with a bang instead of a thud …. No one wants an uphill battle to get the audience on their side. Looking for more tips to make the most of your event? Give us a call today!

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