10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Also Magicians

//10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Also Magicians

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Also Magicians

Frequently someone will come up to me and say “did you know that so and so does magic?”, usually referring to a well-known celebrity or sometimes a well-known business leader or even a politician (no surprise there).  I also frequently mention certain celebrities that do magic, and it always excites and amazes people to find out that fact. So, here’s a list of ten current celebrities that do magic or are very involved in the art of magic:

  1. Steve Martin – Steve Martin actually started his career as a magician working as a demonstrator at the Behind The Magic counter at Disneyland.  Even today, he can handle a deck of cards like a pro.
  2. Neil Patrick Harris – An avid amateur magician, Neil loves to perform magic any time he gets the chance.  In addition, he’s past president of the Magic Castle in Hollywood and has been the producer of several off Broadway magic shows.
  3. Woody Allen – A devoted magic buff who also can do some pretty cool magic tricks, almost all of his movies feature a magician or some type of magic.
  4. Jason Alexander – Better known as George on Seinfeld, Jason loves performing on stage.  He started as a teenager and has always had a passion for the art of deception.
  5. Eric Stonestreet –  Best known as Cameron on Modern Family, he loves magic and recently performed a great trick on Jimmy Kimmel.
  6. Daniel Radcliffe – No surprise there, growing up portraying Harry Potter, it would be difficult not to get involved in the field.  A regular at every well-known magic show, Radcliffe is known to perform magic tricks, as well.
  7. Adrien Brody – Best known for his role in “The Pianist” where he was nominated for an academy award, he has recently portrayed Harry Houdini in a TV miniseries.  Growing up, he was a regular at a renowned magic camp.
  8. J.J Abrams –  This prominent producer/director writer credits the mystery of magic to his success.   Among other things, he produced the TV show Felicity as well as the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX.
  9. Ryan Gosling – A popular actor who is a self-professed magic fan, he started in 1989 in The Mickey Mouse Club and has gone on to do a ton of movies including Crazy, Stupid Love, LaLa Land and Blade Runner 2049.
  10. Arsenio Hall – A well-known stand-up comedian, who has had several talk shows and has starred in various movies, Hall is passionate about magic which he started as a youngster and still loves today.

We bet you had no idea just how many celebrities had some magic up their sleeves! We hope you keep these names in mind as anecdotes to help impress your guests at your next cocktail party.

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