Social Events

Magicorp has been the leader of magical entertainment in the corporate market for over 20 years. Now we want to bring the magic to you for your special occasion. Make your events and celebrations special and magical for all the people who are important to you, or even do the magic yourself (with a little help from us!)

Proposals and Weddings


Let us customize a magical and memorable experience for any celebration. It could be a close-up show or a full-stage event. We can even hand the magic wand over to you, making you the magician for the night. We will tailor the magical entertainment to make it as unique as you and your event.

Auctions and Fundraisers

Bring the fun back into your fundraiser with an event that will justify any ticket price. If that’s not enough, we have a magical auctioneer who will encourage higher bidding while keeping the crowd laughing, entertained, and most importantly, help you raise the maximum amount of funds for your cause!