Digital Deception

Digital Deception fuses magic and technology in an entertaining, customizable stage show performed by two of the country’s most exciting industry practioners: Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes.

This interactive show seamlessly integrates the technology platforms and gadgets we know and use everyday; mobile phones, social media, GPS, text messaging, and even drones.

Every show can be custom tailored to include your meeting message or product information to make it a truly memorable experience.

Guaranteed to make your audiences say…OMG!

“Great concept. Our clients had never seen anything like it!”
– National Director Large Client Solutions, Twitter
“I had so much fun. They’ve found a whole new level of magic. These guys live in the future.”
“I’ve worked in magic. I’ve worked in digital. They took the best of both and blew my mind.”
– Creative Director, VaynerMedia